Sophie, twenty-something, leads a dull everyday life which she wishes to free herself from and so embarks on a quest to find a satisfying and momentous life. She finds the key to the apartment of a renowned lady film director, enters it and with the help of a wig that she finds there, she transforms into an artist herself. Whereupon she starts a relationship with performance choreographer Pedro and explores the many possibilities life has to offer and finally finds her own way to a meaningful life.

feature film · 60 minutes · black/white · tragicomedy



Acting Godje Hansen, Philipp Kleinfelder, Fridolin Sandmeyer & Johanna Schmidt

DOP Stefan Sick

Editing Moritz Lenz & Petja Nedeltscheva

Sound Axel Schlögel

Sounddesign Johanes Kunz

Re-Recording Marc Fragstein

Music Matthias Wittwer & Moritz Laux

Trailer Victor Haselmayer

Producer Chris Dohr

Script & Director Moritz Lenz

A production by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

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